Il Ristoro del Cavaliere

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As you walk along the countryside towards Ristoro del Cavaliere, you will breathe in the scent of warm grass and the fresh air provided by the dense trees that cover the hills.
From quarter to quarter, you will discover small stone houses, flowered gardens that look unto the valley, roaming herds of sheep and the happy faces of the locals. You have now arrived at Ristoro del Cavaliere, the destination for your relaxing holiday with your family, where you will spend your time in complete serenity lying on the fresh grass as your children laugh and play and get to know their new four-legged friends.

colline Ristoro del Cavaliere


Immerse yourself in the green hills of Garfagnana, in the middle of endless forest, where the people of the country towns still live my traditions and agriculture, where you can still find joy in the little things. Ristoro del Cavaliere offers six sturdy and rustic apartments . From your apartment you can set off on long walks on the pathways of piazza del Serchio.
Mamma Giovanna’s food will give you the energy to go on long walks in the surrounding lush forests. Papà Roberto’s wine will accompany you as you relax poolside while taking in the view of the surrounding countryside.


Località Cortia,
Nicciano – Piazza al Serchio

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